Age of Elegance — IT'S STAR TIME!

Age of Elegance, June 2019




The 34th annual Pageant will be held at the Madison Theater, Molloy College, Rockville Centre, on Sunday, July 14, 2019, at 2:30 p.m. Some of the most interesting, attractive, outstanding women will be competing for the coveted crown of Ms. New York Senior America 2019.

Each one of these 60-plus ladies is very special in her own way and every one of them is qualified to wear the crown and represent the State of New York. Come and see their poise, talent and personality, as well as their philosophy of life and other accomplishments. The pageant is the one place to showcase women over 60 at their very best. Being part of the pageant is a lifetime passport to a charmed circle of senior women. It is the gateway to a new and rewarding beginning. The Pageant will be most entertaining and surely you won't want to miss it.


Tickets are on sale now. Call the Madison Theater at 516-323-4444. Price of tickets: $25; Group Price (10 or more): $20; Veterans Discount: $15.00. An early reservation is recommended.


We wish to thank our loyal supporters for their generosity in helping us carry out our mission. New York Senior America is committed to devoting our time, passion and positivity to seniors and their needs. We help seniors find joy and purpose to live a more fulfilling life. We share gratification knowing we spread joy and inspiration to others.

We are Seniors, We Care about Seniors, We Help Seniors.


"Aim for the Moon...even if you'll land among the Stars!!"


Till next time,

Joan and Marleen



Almost 600 New York State-wide Submissions to Art at 50 Plus Virtual Art Exhibition at the Islip Art Museum


The Islip Art Council and Islip Art Museum, AARP-sponsored Art at 50 Plus NEW BEGINNINGS exhibition has taken virtual exhibits to new heights and achieves an intimacy beyond expectation. Enjoy the show. You may find yourself saying that it is way better than you imagined!


Creating this virtual exhibit was a trail-blazing event for all involved. The nearly 600 artists who submitted their work to be part of this event are to be commended for embracing the challenges of technology. 


Curating an exhibition is a complex task and a work of art unto itself. Individual pieces must relate and be woven into a visually cohesive entity. The work selected needed to encompass New York State and the ages 50-90+ as well as cover all levels of artistry from beginners to life-long artists… and then videographer Waldo Cabrera used his artistry to create the video that will be viewable starting September 15, 2020. 


These are the one hundred artists whose work and statements were selected: (in the order of their appearance)


Mary C Roth

Karen Woodin

Randy Broznan

Neva Sedlow

Dan Welden

Lynn Marripodi

Ben Cross

Jennifer Campbell

Regina Silvers

Richard Sigmund

Jeanmarie Donahue

Adel Gorgy

Paul Bouchard

Victoria Beckert

Kathleen McArdle

Linda Fix

Frank Sabatte

Alan Richards

Norma Greenwood

Andrea Strongwater

Isablle Garbani

Bill Kuchler

Jim Sabiston

Tami Elise

Andrea Bourgeouis

Keith Rossein

Jacqueline Fiore

Doris Rubinic

Veronica Schielman

Alli Berman

Jan Guarino

Judy Kreitzer

Ellen DiFazio

Lynne Lederman

Patricia Hodder

Carolyn Oberst

Ray Grist

Janet McLaughlin

Douglas Newton

Edison Mejia

Catherine Minnery

Marjorie Ehrenreich

Karen L.  Kirshner

Lynn Ubell

A H Gunther

Ron Becker

Louise P. Sloane

Estelle Bassin

Julia Scully

Elaine Forrest

Beth Barry

Olga Alexander

Greg Brown

Bernice Sokol Kramer

Annette Jaret

Callie Hirsch

Carol Prehoda

Vichai Chinalai

Rita Rovery

Terry Elkins

Marsha Solomon

Corinne Michels

Kat O’Brien & Sylvie Gauthier

Paul Wortman

Joyce Kanyuk

Matthew Turov

Emily Barnett

Manuel Macarrulla

Susan Schwalb

Don Weber 

Christine Greene

La Veda Davis

Ed Vega

Victoria Smith

Lori Horowitz

Michael Flaherty

Gary Finelli

Amy Wagner 

Stephanie Brody-Lederman

Renee DeFilippis

Lisa Zilker

Janet Morgan

Jaynie Gilman Crimmins

JoAnn Bishop

Matthias Kern

Nina Thorne

Soralee Cook

Dr. Robert Irwin Wolf

Illyan Ivanov

Minoo Moadel

Deborah Katz

Lisa Petker Mintz

Linda Bice

Amelia Melnick

Mary Ahern

Orna Behm

Nancy Vassilakis

Susan Tiffin

Joyce Bressler

S. A. M. Shrestha

LuAnn Palazzo

   Neill Slaughter 

   Fran Beallor

   Laura Gurton

   Ward Hooper


The New Beginnings Virtual Exhibition will be ready for viewing September 15, 2020 on the Islip Art Museum website


The Sip and See ZOOM Reception October 4, 2020 from 2-pm

Join Zoom Meeting


The closing Zoom reception November 7th

Join Zoom Meeting  


In addition to the video that can be viewed on the Islip Art Museum website there will also be a gallery to view the New Beginnings exhibit along with each artist’s contact information.



5 Tips to Take your Portrait Photography to the Next Level

5 Tips to Take your Portrait Photography to the Next Level

By Kim Garrison


By now, it’s common knowledge that a headshot is essential for anyone with a professional online presence. However, the person behind the camera should be just as prepared to ensure a great experience from beginning to end — whether you’re taking headshots for someone’s personal brand or shooting portraits for your stories. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your photography in this space, here are our top five tips for your next one-on-one photo session.


1. Do your homework. When taking a portrait for a written piece, you want to create an intimacy between the subject and the reader to help connect the audience to the story. To be successful, explore the person’s background, and think about what feelings you want to convey through your photography. If you’re taking a headshot, research your subject’s blog, the company they work for, and Linkedin profile to get a good grasp of who they are and what they’re about. You’ll want to ask thoughtful questions about their location preferences, the purpose behind the headshot, and what type of imagery fits their style or brand. If the client is having trouble putting their wishes into words, ask for a few examples to get on the same page.

2. Make them feel comfortable. Explain from the very start of the shoot that you’ll be helping your subject through the entire process. You want to reassure them there is nothing to be nervous about, and that you don’t expect him or her to inherently know what to do. When posing, be very specific with your direction so that your subject isn’t feeling confused or misguided. To help your subject to relax, beware of too much silence. Talk to them, ask them questions, or share a friendly joke — anything to keep your subject positively engaged with your presence. Finally, don’t forget to tell your subject how great he or she is doing. It’s the perfect confidence booster.

3. Use flattering light. If working with “natural light” outdoors, the easiest thing to do is meet with your client a couple hours prior to golden hour and find open shade. If you’re lucky, your session will fall on an overcast day and the clouds will act as a natural light diffuser so you can shoot pretty much anywhere. If photographing in the studio, this can be as simple or as complex as you like. Using just one studio light and a reflector can get the job done. If you prefer more dimension, add a fill light and hair light to the setup.

4. Come prepared. In addition to the obvious camera gear, bring a few other items to help the shoot go smoothly. A hairbrush is always helpful when hair gets tangled or out of place. I think we all remember the classic black comb that was offered before yearbook pictures — it’s so helpful. You may also want to pack oil-blotting sheets and a bit of makeup for quick touch-ups.

5. Avoid distortion. To help the images look as natural as possible, it is best to shoot with a longer lens such as 85 mm. If you are using a 50 mm or wider, the edges of the frame become dark and round creating a vignette effect. This also warps the subject of the photo, causing features to look wider and more exaggerated — in an unflattering way. If a 50mm prime is your go-to, you can do a quick fix for lens distortion when editing the images in post-processing as an alternative. - Beyond Bylines

New Cookbook Provides Delicious Meals Quickly and Easily with One Pot, One Pan

New Cookbook Provides Delicious Meals Quickly and Easily with One Pot, One Pan



Who doesn’t love good food and great meals?  But who wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing it? For cooks who don't have much time but do want delicious homemade food Devorah Kahan and Rachel Moskowitz have created just the cookbook. Super Simple, Easy and Delicious Recipes for Beginners, Balabustas and Everyone in Between (Israel Bookshop Publications, 2019; Hardcover; $17.95; ISBN-13: 978-1600917066) is filled with many tried-and-true recipes that anyone, at any age or stage in life, can whip up easily. The recipes in One Pot, One Pan are kosher and range from soups and salads; meat, dairy and pasta mains to delicious side dishes; desserts; and snacks and drinks.

10 Best US Places to Retire 2017

10 Best US Places to Retire 2017


Annual list identifies and ranks America’s top cities for retirement


These days, the word “retirement” doesn’t have the same connotations it used to (we’re looking at you, shuffleboard and early bird specials!). In 2017, retirement means freedom.

Today’s seniors are in search of a lifestyle as diverse and dynamic as they are. While many folks will choose to remain where they’ve spent most of their lives and built their communities, others will look for new adventures in a different location — and deciding where that place will be is an extremely important choice. has the answer with its Top 10 Best Places to Retire, 2017. Their experts examined surveys and data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Medicare, Esri, NOAA, Walk Score, the EPA and other sources, and crunched the numbers to determine the best US cities for retirees. Research shows that seniors care most about health care, climate, crime rates, cost of living, housing costs and access to recreational activities — we found 10 cities that deliver on all counts, each offering a totally different lifestyle to fit a wide range of tastes and interests. 

“This year’s retirement cities list perfectly reflects the diverse, dynamic lifestyles of today’s retirees,” says Winona Dimeo-Ediger, managing editor of “Some of these cities might surprise you, which is a good thing, because retirement looks very different in 2017 than it has in the past.”

Top 10 Best Places to Retire, 2017:

Walnut Creek, CA

Reno, NV

Boca Raton, FL

Plano, TX

Sioux Falls, SD

Vancouver, WA

Birmingham, AL

Littleton, CO

Bismarck, ND

Salt Lake City, UT.

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