Marketplace for Golfers to Buy and Sell New and Used Gear


Online Exchanges, a startup company dedicated to bringing online marketplaces to passion pursuit industries, today announces the launch of Golfing Exchange is a marketplace for golfers to buy and sell both new and used golf clubs and gear. The site is free for sellers and offers a great shopping experience for the golf enthusiast.

"We are excited about the reception we've received by fellow golfers. We saw an opportunity in the market to build a place just for golfers where it was easy to sell a set of golf clubs or find a great deal on a new or used set," said Stuart Whitaker, founder and President of Online Exchanges. "The site is completely free for sellers and clubs can be listed for sale in a matter of minutes."

Golfing Exchange's model is unique in that sellers do not pay a fee to sell. Buyers pay a small sales fee that is built into the listing price. Anyone can sell, but all sellers must be PayPal Verified, providing protections to buyers using the site. Most importantly, though, it's only golf.

Golfing Exchange did a soft launch in April of this year to gain market feedback and test the software. "The feedback we've received in the last few months has been encouraging enough that we are now ready to promote the site more aggressively to golfers not only in the US, but in other select international markets as well," stated Debbie Lominick, Vice President of Online Exchanges.

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