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The causes and treatments for low sex drive in senior women

Mar 2, 2012, 9 a.m.

An entire generation of women is just reaching their senior years and many are experiencing the same problem: lower woman libido or lower sex drive. The generation that was raised on the cusp of profound change and reared on the values personified by Woodstock has suddenly found themselves feeling much less groovy than they once were.

The good news is that there is hope. Although the components that makeup a woman's sex machine are multi layered and complex, the understanding of female libido and the conditions that effect sexual drive have never been better. Another reason for hope is that this generation has been stronger and more innovative and open about their sexuality than any other generation before.

Below is a list of the causes of decreased female libido, and some of the treatment options to get back on track and enjoying every aspect of life.

Potential causes of lowered libido

Diseases, physical pain and psychological issues: All of these conditions can make sex more painful, therefore inadvertently causing mental blocks to the enjoyment of sex. The baby boomer generation is seen as a very hard working and ambitious group, which comes with side effects such as fatigue and exhaustion. Drained of energy by the end of the day, getting a good night's rest often seems much more important than personal time with that special someone. And if suffering from arthritis, depression, or other ailments, it is best to consult a physician about how to deal with lowered interest in sex. Ask if the lowered desire is just a side effect of fatigue or if it could be something more.

Life-changing events such as menopause can also put a huge damper on sexual desires as well. Hormone levels have a huge impact on sexual desire in women and as they age, these levels can fluctuate.

Over the counter and prescription medicine: Over the counter medicines as well as prescribed drugs can kill sex drive quicker than a speed bump on a highway. Anti-depressants or other mood-affecting medications can have the side effect of being behind your decreased desire.

Mood altering substances: Alcohol, illicit drugs: Not to imply all baby boomers ever participated in illicit drug use, or currently partake in said substances -- again, here's a reference to Woodstock -- but drugs can seriously affect sex drive. Even drinking too much can affect your ability and desire to perform. Keep the wine to a glass a day or the amount suggested by a doctor.


The first step, as with any condition is acknowledging and recognizing the problem. Once the problem is identified, it is best to consult with a physician. Ask if there are safe medicines or alternative treatments to prescription drugs. As with any prescription, make sure that any prescription won't conflict with any current medication. Make sure to be as specific as possible with the physician as well. There are many treatments available.

Prescriptions: Sometimes a remedy may be something as simple as changing a current medicine (depressants are especially potent enemies of sex drive) or getting a prescription from a doctor. We've all seen the silly and inane commercials for products such as Viagra or Cialis. These treatments do have some merit however, and great strides have been made towards helping women make the most of their sex lives. Sometimes hormones such as estrogen are added to a treatment regimen.

Counseling and therapy: Sometimes it takes a combination of medicine as well as meeting with a professional to discuss an increased lack of interest in men or women. Sometimes deep seeded or repressed memories can inhibit sex drive, and sometimes it takes sitting down with a counselor alone or with a partner to work out a solution and get on the path to happiness.

As with any medical condition, the word of a doctor or healthcare provider should be taken into account. Explore all options, become informed, and most of all remember those famous words from the good old days: Peace, Love, and Donnie Osmond.

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