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Health and Wellness

My secret to a healthy body

Writer reveals his secret to health: "The more I contemplated and reasoned through the spiritual significance behind everything in my life, the more I was to able to expect, demand, and witness health in others and experience it myself."

Health is more than meets the eye

Retired surgeon and author, Mike Denny advocates “that all medical research and practice should include not only quantity but also quality, not only the objective but also the subjective, not only fragmentation but also wholeness, not only matter but also spirit.”

So you want to grow? Crave self-knowledge

Can self-knowledge lead us to a happier and healthier life? Read how a successful businessman once provided an inspiring example of living a life of grace and personal growth.

Attention Trend Spotters: Dematerialization Is On the Rise

How long did Western medicine think strictly in materialistic terms, treating the physical body as separate from the mind? That model has been dematerialized somewhat and we now think of mind and body as a unit. Today mind-body programs are found throughout prestigious medical schools.

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Rethinking today's medicine...are doctors ready?

Growing numbers of medical doctors are speaking out on the spiritual aspect of health that they were never taught in medical school. "The human body is something more than anatomy and physiology;" writes Dr. Mike Denny in his book, "Nobody's Boy, An Old Doctor and a New Science."

Top apps heal mind and body

Health apps can count your steps, carbohydrates, and calories. However, if you really desire added control over your health, you might consider a few Bible apps. This article explains why.

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Want a healthy body? Learn to listen

Abandoning hurtful behavioral habits has been shown to improve health and being a better listener is a good start!

Why we all should be dancing to Pharrell’s monster hit “Happy”!

His lyrics may seem deceptively simple, but Pharrell has touched a universal cord, a spiritual pulse that resonates with our innate recognition that being happy and expecting good are natural.

When the extraordinary becomes the ordinary in health care

One aspect of health care that has to often slipped off the research radar screen is the extent to which an individual’s thought might be helping or hindering the recovery process. “People with a positive attitude or a belief system do better across the board,” says David Agus, M.D. “There is a lot of data backing this up.”

Summertime Is Coming, and the Livin' Should Be Leisurely

To get the most out of your leisure time, consider the healthful insights of philosopher Joseph Pieper in his now-classic essay, "Leisure, the Basis of Culture."

Cancer researcher Kelly Turner redefines spontaneous remission

Author and researcher Kelly Turner shares how radical changes have made the difference to many cancer survivors. Seven out of nine changes have been emotional and spiritual, as opposed to physical factors.

Ridiculously small steps lead to a healthier lifestyle

Tying small steps to deeds done throughout the day allows healthy actions to become part of your daily routine. Building healthy habits brings longer lasting results.

Reclaim your happiness

"Clear and compelling evidence" exists, according to Science Daily, "that – all else being equal – happy people tend to live longer and experience better health than their unhappy peers."

Oscar hopeful ‘Facing Fear’ turns spotlight on power of forgiveness

“Forgiveness is one of those ways where we wipe clean a major threat to our well-being,” said the Stanford psychologist and author of Forgive For Good. “That causes the body to have more time to repair. Immune function goes up, blood pressure goes down.”

Stanford’s Fred Luskin preaches the gospel of forgiveness

Fred Luskin, a Stanford-trained psychologist who spent 10 years doing research on preventative cardiology, is convinced that increased spirituality, including the ability to forgive, does in fact make you a better person and improve your health.