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Health and Wellness

Are you getting too much health care?

According to a recent estimate by the Institute of Medicine, about 30 percent of total healthcare expenditures in America go toward unneeded care. This may seem harmless, but it can be physically damaging.

Your Health Care Provider Desperately Needs Help

Did you know that physicians are twice as likely to commit suicide than the general population? One researcher has found that starting a dialogue about spirituality can reduce depression and benefit both the patient and the health care provider.

Interview: Integrative Medicine Expert Champions Patient-Driven Health

University of Miami study indicates those who consciously turned to God as a result of a life-threatening diagnosis experienced significant and measurable physiological improvement when compared to those who, as a result of the same diagnosis, disavowed any spiritual connection.

My Faith: Praying away the cookies

How do you keep from eating too much during the holidays? With about half of the adult population in American (49%) now praying about their health, it seems only right to focus our prayerful attention on obesity.

Increased trust means friendlier communities, better health

New report indicates that Americans trust each other less today than 40 years ago. If true, it's unfortunately not a healthful trend. Yet, we don't have to wait for others to build trust in each other.

Darwin revisited: Compassion key to our survival

Not only is compassion an inherent quality, it also has the effect of improving our health by increasing our connection with others.

Gratitude helps healthy living

Counting our blessings instead of inventorying our troubles is sage advice that promotes added benefits.

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Thoughts that harm your body need to be arrested

Have you ever been rightly or wrongly blamed and then felt miserable? Wasn’t the pain you experienced the result of your disturbed thought? If you’re having trouble recognizing that your thoughts and physical health are correlated, consider this article.

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4 “Obamacare” Scams

Whether you have to register for "Obamacare" or if you're able to ... here are some scams becoming increasingly common

Interview: Is healing through prayer really such a mystery?

When it comes to the effectiveness of prayer as a health care treatment, Dr. Dean Radin notes, “At this point we don’t actually understand what it is that’s happening. We don’t know how it happens. But that something is happening is fairly clear to me and to most of my colleagues who have been doing similar research.”

Being healthy linked to Golden Rule

Does living by the Golden Rule have a beneficial effect? As it turns out, in addition to the societal benefits of loving and trusting your neighbor, this respect has a bearing on one’s own physical and mental health.

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Spiritual Pursuits and Healthy Aging

According to a 2007 study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, 56 percent of all U.S. doctors believe that spirituality and religion have a positive and continuing influence on an individual’s health.

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Marci’s Medicare Answers 

It's the time again: Medicare Fall Open Enroillment

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A Healthy Shake-Up in Health Care

It doesn't take yet another academic study to validate what mainstream folks intuit and find every day, that a commitment to spirituality is beneficial to their health.

Inspirations from a soul survivor

Jody Sims chronicles her struggles with cancer through art.