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Health and Wellness

Reclaim your happiness

"Clear and compelling evidence" exists, according to Science Daily, "that – all else being equal – happy people tend to live longer and experience better health than their unhappy peers."

Oscar hopeful ‘Facing Fear’ turns spotlight on power of forgiveness

“Forgiveness is one of those ways where we wipe clean a major threat to our well-being,” said the Stanford psychologist and author of Forgive For Good. “That causes the body to have more time to repair. Immune function goes up, blood pressure goes down.”

Stanford’s Fred Luskin preaches the gospel of forgiveness

Fred Luskin, a Stanford-trained psychologist who spent 10 years doing research on preventative cardiology, is convinced that increased spirituality, including the ability to forgive, does in fact make you a better person and improve your health.

Twin Research: Stop surrendering to genetics – Start controlling bodily health

Recent research involving twins may be changing the future of genetics. Predetermined health patterns shaped by our genetic makeup are not the authority many have believed.

What happened when Albert Einstein and William Randolph Hearst prayed?

There are an increasing number of people who have a desire to explore rather than ignore the relationship between prayer and healing.

Happiness – Healthy Body and Spirit

Is happiness beneficial because happiness is a conscious spiritual state? And if happiness is spiritual, does happiness allow health to be recognized as a spiritually sound and predictable experience or condition?

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7 Heart Research Reports You Need to Know About

New prevention guidelines, programs to control blood pressure, getting more people to access cardiac rehab services and a possible link between digestive bacteria and heart disease risk are included in a recap of last year’s top cardiovascular advances.

Six health tips I've noticed about the Seattle Seahawks

Ready for the Super Bowl? As a Seahawks fan and a health writer, here are six Seahawks characteristics that I’ve observed to be good tips for healthy living.

Dr. Andrew Weil hints at link between health and holiness

"there is a significant body of scientific research on the power of gratitude that boosts emotional well-being…. There is also a great body of literature on the power of forgiveness.” _ Dr Andrew Weil

A Positive Attitude is a Healthy Choice

How are you today? Good, I hope. Studies continue to show that maintaining a positive attitude influences our health and increases our longevity.

Are you getting too much health care?

According to a recent estimate by the Institute of Medicine, about 30 percent of total healthcare expenditures in America go toward unneeded care. This may seem harmless, but it can be physically damaging.

Your Health Care Provider Desperately Needs Help

Did you know that physicians are twice as likely to commit suicide than the general population? One researcher has found that starting a dialogue about spirituality can reduce depression and benefit both the patient and the health care provider.

Interview: Integrative Medicine Expert Champions Patient-Driven Health

University of Miami study indicates those who consciously turned to God as a result of a life-threatening diagnosis experienced significant and measurable physiological improvement when compared to those who, as a result of the same diagnosis, disavowed any spiritual connection.

My Faith: Praying away the cookies

How do you keep from eating too much during the holidays? With about half of the adult population in American (49%) now praying about their health, it seems only right to focus our prayerful attention on obesity.

Increased trust means friendlier communities, better health

New report indicates that Americans trust each other less today than 40 years ago. If true, it's unfortunately not a healthful trend. Yet, we don't have to wait for others to build trust in each other.