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Health and Wellness

What is it about giving thanks that makes us healthy?

Gratitude expert Dr. Robert Emmons explains the three foundational stones of gratitude: looking for the good, receiving the good and sharing this good with others. This third aspect is perhaps the most interesting and important.

Age no reason for self-image to suffer

Self-image and health go hand-in-hand. So if low self esteem is troubling you, don't let it continue. Stir things up and allow for a transformative change of perspective.

Spirituality and prisoners of war: the ultimate freedom on Veterans day

"Wyndham’s uplifted thought and trust in the Divine not only freed him from the terror surrounding him, it kept him healthy and safe." How our thinking impacts our experience.

Removing fear essential to health and healing

More times than not what compels a patient to visit the doctor’s office – between 60 and 90 percent by some estimates – has more to do with a stressed-out state of mind than anything else.

Health and Longevity: Chalk Them Up to Mind

Mind researchers are asking big questions about the human mind, including its relation to longevity, to health, even to physics. Current day physics can’t explain much of the dominating evidence that mind influences the body. Is age nothing but a mind-set?

Instant gratification, instant fear

In an age when we’re increasingly tempted by instant gratification and instant fear, remember that self-control can also be exercised in an instant, and with benefits that gratify, bring calm, and go on and on.

Mistaking our genetic makeup for the human spirit

"Genomic sequencing is not an infallible prophecy of our future," notes genomic bioethicist Amy McGuire. Despite the genomic cards we’ve been dealt, the quality of our life and chance of survival can be improved based on our environment and mental attitude.

Emmy-nominated film ‘Escape Fire’ and treating the whole person

Imagine a national shift to treating the whole person. Could this be the escape fire match needed to reform healthcare? If so, like Wag Dodge’s experience, it was always available to those willing to stop and take a radically different approach.

Is Spiritually-Based Healing Weird?

When you hear the term "Spiritually-Based Healing" what comes to mind? Weird, perhaps? Don't be deterred by the many interpretations to this term.

New film by Marilyn Schlitz, Deepak Chopra, explores meaning of life and death

A new film encourages us to think deeply on the subject of death and the impact such exploration may have on our health.

Why you need love to be healthy

Researchers have found that love can heal physical wounds & reduce stress. Read how this writer turned a moment of anger and frustration into a profound sense of peace by loving those around him.

Treating pain: a new ontology is needed

Thinking that pain is in the brain impels doctors to look for a physical cause for pain, says Dr. Alex Cahana. When one isn’t found, “It’s all in your head” is often what a patient will be told.

Nudgin curmudgeon attitudes toward better health

Does it matter how you think of yourself? A study by the American Psychological Association reports positive self-perceptions can prolong life-expectancy.

You yearn for progress in your life. Now what?

Has prayer ever left you feeling uninspired or alone? As this writer's experience shows, more may be going on below the surface than is readily apparent.

Can viewing yourself differently actually stop chronic pain?

Chronic pain is a mental phenomenon which is subjective and individual. Therefore, it makes sense that treatments address the subjective, individual, and spiritual nature of each patient.